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The Sujata Group has been in the construction business since 1970. We have achieved many a mile stones during this period with vast experience in a variety of construction & building domains. Having successfully completing large, challenging construction projects for our prestigious clients, we have gained expertise in undertaking building contracts for Industrial, commercial, educational, institutional and residential building projects. We possess the will and the ability to take on projects up to any amount and complexity. The motto of the group is quality and time bound work. Led by Strong and Experienced Management, we can ensure a strong grip on projects during execution that in turn guarantees on-time and on-budget completion. Apart from construction our group is actively involved in real estate sector as well. Our Corporate Headquarter is located in Chandigarh and we are currently active in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and (National Capital Region)NCR.

Selecting the Best Township Builders Chandigarh- The Utmost Necessity of Every Homeowner

Undoubtedly anybody would be flabbergasted to watch his dream home which is freshly painted and intensely decorated. Township Builders Chandigarh has constructed homes that vitalize the lives of individuals thus enhancing the quality.


Township builders of Chandigarh are highly energetic, young, focussed, enthusiastic motivated and professional individuals who have years of experience in the area of architecture, construction, marketing, management disciplines and finance. They have elevated the bar by generating lofty performances, lush green outs capes thus providing healthy homes and buildings. These builders pay personal attention on various projects despite their sizes. They have proffered their long experiences in constructing great commercial buildings, residences and apartments in addition to niche-market private houses.

Township builders Chandigarh has dedicated them delivering quality at par proffering the paramount solution in the industry. Their urge to offer luxurious lifestyle in terms of best standards, complete peace of mind and soul is the chief idea behind the township planning.


It’s any township builder’s primary passion of excelling the industry’s benchmarks by successively redefining the value engineering projects and reinforcing the best conceptual innovations. By means of cutting edge construction tools and technologies they have set up great paradigm in the industry. Each MPL project stands unique in terms of aesthetic designing, global touchstones of construction and quality craftsmanship. If Mumbai is recognized as the financial capital of India, then Chandigarh Township is known for its beautiful & lavish bungalows and real estate developments in terms of multi-storied apartments reflecting the urbane side. Township builders of Chandigarh have stood finest structures reflecting the veritable explosions thus earning the name of another hotspot in investment by offering splendid infrastructure facilities and amenities.

Industrial Builders Haryana – Know More About Their Multidisciplinary Expertise

Industrial builders Haryana are rationally trained and statutorily registered professionals accountable for structuring production management, maintenance, construction of buildings while protecting the mankind and the assets. These builders have structured impeccable infrastructures and hence always offered better health and safety measures to its employees. Their chief concern is to stand a building in such a way that it can boost the productivity by offering good services while meeting the convenience of the workers.


They have embarked on multi-disciplinary designs such as specifications of engineering, acquisitions, construction and project administration services etc. to meet the existing demands.


Having acquired tremendous industrial experience, the builder’s chief aims are safeguarding each worker’s interest against unnecessary bureaucratic regulations. Industrial builders Haryana is also responsible for promoting dependant members, proficient builders and practiced & knowledgeable trades people. They provide unique services & support to run the industries successfully. They are also accountable for related major policy issues if the industry standards are not met.


Some of the most unique responsibilities of Industrial builders of Haryana include analysing production information such as drawings, specifications and running schedules. They are also responsible to write reports on maintenance of production, construction methodology and its programmes, management. Information about prior warning system charts, information obligation schedules, monitoring of   the construction programmes, technical problem solution etc. are some of their major functions.

They also go for site inspection which includes FAM, building surveys, dilapidation advices, defect analysis, overhauling advices and management, fire insurance evaluations, elimination of wastes, environmental degradation, pollution management etc.

Importance of Residential Builders Haryana and Their Services

The residential builders of Haryana have set up beautiful buildings based on their functions, various shapes and sizes, at times to make them alluring and sometimes to adapt them according to wide number of factors. They have constructed them according to weather conditions, ground conditions, aesthetic reasons, land prices and their specific usages.


Today, Residential builders Haryana have constructed most of the edifices on scientific ideas, architectural details and artistic treatments, encompassing highly skilful treatments. Since last two decades, Haryana is bound to accommodate huge crowd in its confined geographical areas, and hence the individual plots have transformed more into multi-story buildings. The builders are more into the constructions of one room, adobe lodgings, masonries and millions of dollars of sky scrapping buildings. The need generated to accommodate thousands of people who are arriving on everyday basis in search of the employments. Since most of the people are looking to live in close proximity of their offices, the density of the buildings has risen and the size of the apartments has become further smaller. The builders of Haryana are constructing more of multi-storey buildings as it augments the floor area of the construction without growing the area of the ground. This strategy has not only saved land but money as well.


Residential builders Haryana works in mutual understanding of real estate developers, investors, local planning authorities, surveyors, construction managers, architects, engineers, and building designers. The builders have to thoroughly look into the internal infrastructure which incorporates heating, cooling, power supply, telecommunication, water supply and sewage water plant, regular maintenance of the residential building and other such factors to stand an incredible structure.

Professional Building Contractors in Haryana- Finding the Best One Made Easy

Since Haryana is in close proximity of Delhi, it has caught attention of the cosmopolitan world. To execute the requirements, many domestic and international flights have been connected to its most diplomatic and commercial complexes. Hence, the Building Contractors Haryana has collaboratively constructed the largest toll plaza of Asia which is third largest in the world.


Haryana contractors are chiefly responsible for implementing many building projects in the specific time period and within the allotted budget. Some of the major role involves construction of a new structure, remodelling of existing house and renovation of the historical edifices. By now, many online proposals are on paper and will be accomplished soon. Generally, contractors are not accountable for any heavy lifting on the construction sites but they look after a team of contractors or subcontractors who are functional to complete the project. Whenever, any construction is carried out, contractors of Haryana conducts necessary paperwork while sticking to local, regional or national guiding principles.


Overseeing the secondary duties of Building contractors Haryana, they undergo restorations of current projects. Beside that they are also responsible for constructing altogether new building codes. For instance, to cater additional enticing features they may equip the building with wheel chair ramp or improve on electrical circuits. To promote a breathing building, the contractors may also be asked to ensure the structural integrity such as laying foundations of defrayal issues or shocking cement curing.


To accomplish their current duties, the contractors are expected to be physically fit, as they may be asked to cross the threshold of a hot attic, steer through the crammed construction site or stoop into a damp subterranean vault.

Progressive Construction Companies in Haryana That Can Create Wonders

To go hand in hand with the progressing developments of the country in construction field, the Construction Companies Haryana have upgraded themselves with the latest on-going projects. The progress of Haryana would not have been possible with an individual effort of any particular company, but with the collaborative efforts of all. All the companies are stepping ahead towards the Multi-National infrastructure development by thoroughly managing their each step and finally generating striking constructive structures.


Employing decades of their affluent and diverse experience in executing the splendid landmark projects, the states construction companies have proved their existence not only in India but across the world. They have offered smooth and broad Roadways, outstanding Expressways, Highways, Building & Industrial structures, Railways & Metros, Irrigation canals, Thermal & Hydel power projects, Tunnels &Dams, Ports and Gas projects on EPC in an endeavour to present Haryana in the row of metropolitan cities.


Any new project begins with the advertisement and alert services proposed by the Government and Private Organizations for its new tenders and contract holders. Once the projects are allotted, the pertinent organization’s analysis reports and trend are periodically viewed.  After the construction companies of Haryana initiates the work, each project is tracked till its finishing point by a wide research panel of the state followed by the country’s team.


The primary agenda of the construction companies is a well-built infrastructure and thus opening a broad spectrum of job opportunities, by transforming their employees into great leaders at each level. Undoubtedly, being system driven as well as technology savvy, the construction companies have gained an expertise in multi domains serving highest quality to the state.

Construction builders in Himachal Pradesh- Choose the Best out of the very best

Himachal Pradesh is a state which has to encounter with snowy weather conditions and hence construction becomes a difficult part. To indemnify the damage of the building and varied equipments in use, the construction builders in Himachal Pradesh are forced to use those materials which can sustain the physical damage.

It has always been one of the biggest challenges for the builders to outsource the materials and look for the alternatives to make the necessary coverage. Being subjected to various risks like spreading of fire by winds or being victimized by other majeure forces like theft, vandalism, they undergo insurance cover. Though the insurance is valid for the period of construction only but the cover does not envelope the cases of earthquakes or floods. As soon as the builder is all set for the sale of property, the risk cover of the builder expires.

In addition to owing personal responsibilities, the construction builders in Himachal Pradesh also face some corporate responsibilities on societal level. They also reduce and recycle the waste products which are created from warehouses, offices and yards. To maintain cleanliness in the environment, they comply with the statutory standards to reduce the air pollution. The builders have to train their fork lifters and lorry drivers in regard of their own personal safety and the safety of the customers. Stringent measures are taken by the construction builders in Himachal Pradesh to audit the health and safety within the premises to facilitate the operational staff and the customers who pay a visit to enquire about that particular structure.

Why to choose “Building Contractors Chandigarh

Building Contractor Chandigarh has created many milestones in past few decades. While working on a variety of domains while erecting commercial and residential building projects, they have earned huge respect from innumerable prestigious clients. They have not left any area untouched whether it is educational, industrial, commercial, institutional or residential building project. The projects offered by them are breathtaking and reminds of great infrastructure of the country. No matter, how much complex any project is; Building Contractor Chandigarh possesses the will power and the triggered force to accomplish the task in the designated time duration.

Our team is driven by strapping and experienced management force and ensures a strong grip on the running projects. Apart from this, our team is also involved in real estate sectors. We have the ability to undertake even the most complex projects in complicated terrains. We offer high maintenance practices while the post construction stages are going on.

Our motto is to provide high quality project in specified time duration. We are actively involved in major spheres of construction.  We are leading builders and a developer located in Northern region of India and have a firm belief in gratifying believes of common man. So far we have created high landmarks in implementing strategies and concepts together with teamwork, employing quality materials and using upgraded technologies.

Building Contractor Chandigarh has an incredible power of transforming their pioneering ideas into commendable sky-scraping structures. Our corporate headquarter is positioned in the suburbs of Chandigarh and we are running many of our projects successfully in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and in some regions of NCR. We are capable of  coordinating all the activities well and possess the ability of converting the contemplations of a piece of paper into real physical properties and for these many reasons we are recognized worldwide.

Duties of Builders and Developers in Haryana- Their Primary Tasks and Services

In Haryana, the developers have offered a new look to their ideas by coordinating all the activities that begin with renovations of the current structures. Their primary function of the developers is to transform the virtual thoughts on paper into a real physical property. Occasionally the project begins with acquisition of the new land and selling of the existing improved land. The developers purchase the land, go for financing of the deals and finally choose the best builder, mandatory signed with a bond at a fixed outlay.

Builders and developers in Haryana have generated speculative projects in past few decades entirely going for huge make overs and finally providing immense job opportunities to the country men. Tremendous job covers have also attracted huge crowd in the state and hence the demand of more residential apartments have heaved up. Earlier Haryana was not a very well developed state, but with collaborative efforts of various builders and developers it has been enlisted as fast growing states of the country.

Builders and Developers works on each different prospects comprising experienced architects, city planners, inspectors, engineers, surveyors, contractors, leasing agents and all like that. Many a times they have to undergo various other operations such as building, engineering and mining like operations as well, inside or over the lands. It’s due to the reason that the already constructed building requires a material change.

Whatsoever, the overall job of Builders and developers in Haryana have been commendable in past few years and hence for this reason Haryana have progressed at such a fast pace giving a competitive edge to the other states.

All About Choosing the Best Industrial Builders in Chandigarh

Working in the direction of prolific growth of the country, the industrial builders Chandigarh are all set to follow the footprints of highly successful current as well as historical builders. They have also focused on the designs and epitomized structures of ancient buildings across the world to serve their beautiful city. Besides following some of the most fabulous techniques and strategy implementations, one of the common approaches that the builders have come across is changing the name of their companies various times. It has been their endeavor to offer them the most recognizable name that has been used for the longest time and by which the company is best known for their undertakings and growth.

Earlier, the initial industrial buildings were made up of brick or stone walls surmounted by wooden roofs, but now the prevailing designs are better functional and are made up of fine plastered walls ornamented with masonry and highly affluent designs rich in vaastu compliant internal as well as external infrastructures. Occasionally, the decorative elements are used for exteriors of the building with renaissance motifs proffering the structures greater durability. Distinctly, the industrial builders Chandigarh first time realized the need of industrial structures when they observed that the other progressive regions of the country are speedily moving ahead to build sky scrapping buildings to dwell huge number of workers and machineries.

To mark the subsequent improvements in shorter spans and build metallic reinforced concretes and frame structures, the traditional designs have formulated the most efficient layouts of today in a modified form to offer Chandigarh an eye-catching look.